Live Edge Bench


If you want a beautiful wood bench, you can find the perfect piece with a live edge. These pieces are built with solid slabs of lumber and feature clean minimalist lines and contrasting raw edges from the bark line of the tree. These benches are made in Maine and are available in cherry or walnut. Read on to learn more about how to make your own live edge bench. To find out how to build a live edge bench, check out our gallery!

Live edge benches is an elegant addition to your garden or home. Its smooth top and free flowing wavy sides look stunning, and you can easily see the butterfly joints connecting its thick plank feet to the table's frame. It can also serve as an extra seating piece and can even double as a coffee table. This bench is sure to be the showpiece of your yard. Its unique design is sure to make people stop and admire it.

Another popular live edge bench is the mango wood bench. This piece features a rustic live edge and has a black metal base for a sturdy design. The wood is beautiful and adds a natural ambiance to any space. You can use it in your entryway, foot of the bed, or anywhere else where you need seating. Its design and color are timeless and can easily complement a zen or bohemian aesthetic.

A live edge bench can make a rustic garden seat or an attractive seating area on a walking path. Its polished center portion is cut from a tree trunk to display its wood grain patterns and center parts. You can add industrial metal to your bench, sturdy branch cuts, additional slabs, and lathe-turned wood legs to complete the look. Read on to learn more about how to build a living edge bench. We've covered the process step-by-step.

A live edge bench is made from a unique piece of wood, often mango wood. Its natural finish is complemented by a black metal frame for an industrial look. This type of bench looks great in entryways, at the foot of a bed, or on a patio. Because each piece is unique, its shape will vary slightly. Whether you want a curved or a square shape, a live edge bench will fit right in.

The weight capacity of a live edge bench is 350 pounds. This style bench is 18 inches high, 70" long, and 16" deep. Made from reclaimed wood, this bench is durable and comfortable. It features a small pull-through drawer for storing items. Its black olive finish is naturally distressed and has wood scoring. Its rustic appeal makes it a great choice for an entryway, den, or dining room. If you're looking for a stylish bench, a live edge bench is the perfect solution for your needs. Learn more in this link:

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